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March 2, 2010 at 1:19 pm (Uncategorized)

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I am figuring I might as well just jump in to this whole public blogging thing. . .  Here is my current thing that I am pondering. . . 

I think that there is a difference between blogging information in hopes that it will help others, and blogging information for attention. If someone has some internal issues going on, and they usually manifest with some not so great attention seeking behavior, then blogging about those behaviors…. is that just more attention seeking… or is it really just sharing ?

I read a blog recently of someone who just basically posted all of their “issues” The comments after the post were 99 percent supportive and kind stating what a great thing it was to be so honest. So I guess my other question is this… is there such thing as too much honesty ?



  1. TheBookworm said,

    Yes I do think there is a point when you are getting too personal. At least for me there is. I don’t have a problem with others sharing all they want to their hearts content. But for me personally, there are just some topics I will not broach on.

    • frogssnailsfairytales said,

      I wish I had a prize to give you for being my first official comment… Perhaps I can find an old softball tropy and decoupage your name on it ! :o)

      I am starting to wonder about the INTENT of posting. Like do some people post really to show their testimony, or faults. . . or to seek the same attention that they are getting from the attention seeking behaviors they list ?

      That’s confusing, but I think you get what I mean 🙂

  2. frogssnailsfairytales said,

    ummm alrighty then… I guess you changed your mind. 🙂 I’ll save the trophy

  3. Felicia said,

    I understand what you are saying. I just started a blog and can’t decide how much information to give out. I do DIY projects and love to share those ideas, I also decided to share my daughters hairstyles because I had such a hard time finding styles for AA girls, I don’t know how much to share about fostering but would love to share the process with others who might be interested in doing it themselves, I am not sure how much to share about other issues my kids have had – some of which I know will help someone else. My grown daughter follows me so part of what I do is blog to keep her in touch.

    I guess that it is up to each person to decide what information they give out and it is up to the readers to determine what they want to read. The issue is, the information is out there for everyone to read and so you can’t be too surprised when someone decides to attack you. Like my dad says….it takes all types to make the world run.

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